Ford FG-FGX (XR6) 600 Horsepower Fuel System (Sedan) Track Edition

Product Code: FS1000V3-FGT-FGX-600HP

AUD$ 2,498.00


TRACK EDITION - FS1000V3 Ford FG-FGX (XR6) Sedan 600 Horsepower Fuel System / Surge Tank Specifications (Q&A)

  • Fits the OEM Fuel Tank?
    • YES - this is a direct replacement of the OEM fuel pump module
  • Works with the OEM Fuel Lines?
    • YES
  • Works with the OEM Fuel Rail?
    • YES
  • Works with OEM Fuel Level Sensor?
    • YES (requires simple connector update & extension; provided with kit)
  • Wiring Harness?
    • ​YES (Aftermarket Industries provides a short Plug & Play mil-spec pigtail harness)
  • Does the kit include a Fuel Pressure Regulator? 
    • Yes; the kit includes an upgraded Bosch Motorsport fuel pressure regulator which replaced the OEM fuel pressure regulator
  • Surge Protection?
    • Yes, the FS1000V3 surge tank features a venturi pump (the OEM fuel pump module does NOT have venturi pump) and provides surge protection down to 5% fuel tank capacity under all motorsport conditions
  • 600hp at the Wheels?
    • YES, this package will support 600hp atw on e85 up to 25psi of boost (base fuel pressure is set to 40psi - injectors MUST be 1650cc - injectors NOT included)

FS1000V3-FGT Surge Tank Installation Notes

  • OEM Wideband Sensor is recommended 
  • Aftermarket tune is necessary to ensure correct AFR's and optimal performance
  • OEM ECU may trigger errors or read lean at WOT due to higher values than OEM settings - please consult with an experienced tuner or aftermarket ECU manufacturer


Is all this too overwhelming? Don't worry, you're not alone!


600 Horsepower Package includes the following items

  • FS1000V3-FGT surge tank
  • 1x Walbro 535 fuel pump with stainless steel fuel filter
  • Stainless steel locking ring
  • Hose adapter kit
  • Bosch Motorsport fuel 3 bar pressure regulator
  • Milspec wire harness

*These products must be correctly fitted by "Certified Installer" workshops and partners. Aftermarket Industries is not liable for personal injury, death or for any damaged whatsoever arising from any accident or incident where these conditions are not satisfied.

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Product Specifications

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 28 × 28 cm


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