12 AWG Mil-Spec Wire (22759/16)

Product Code: MILSPEC-12

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Tefzel® is a ethylene–tetrafluoroehtylene (ETFE) insulation. Tefzel® is light, thin, resistant to abrasion, fuel, most chemicals, cuts and oil. It's designed for aerospace applications where dimensional tolerance, weight, and mechanical durability are required. The insulation is rated to 150°C (302°F). This wire exhibits high chemical and radiation resistance.

Tefzel is used in aerospace and motorsports applications due to its light weight, tight-diameter tolerances, and enhanced mechanical toughness. TXL wires are constructed of thin wall Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) with inner copper wire strands and are primarily used for automotive applications.

22759/16 being a single conductor electrical wire, has variations in constructions like the tin, nickel or silver-plated copper conductors. The different conductor constructions enable the 22759/16 wire to be used in varying temperatures and environments.

22759 versus 16878

22759 has a more extensive selection of fluoropolymer insulation constructions, because of the applications the 22759 cables are subject too. Mil-W-22759 (m22759) or SAE AS22759 is constantly relied on for military, aerospace and defence agency applications. The m22759 is designed for high-performance and meets the requirements for low weight, high-temperature resistance, low flame and small dimension installations.

Key Features

  • Weight and space savings over extruded insulation
  • Exceptional resistance to scrape abrasion
  • Exceptional laser markability
  • Exceptional hydrolytic resistance
  • Exceptional electrical arc scrape abrasion track resistance
  • Exceptional layer-to-layer adhesion
  • Exceptional low outgassing characteristics

Product Construction

Conductor Stranded nickel
Insulations and jacket PTFE/polyimide/PTFE and Seamless PTFE tape

Mechanical/Environmental Performance

Electrical Performance:
Voltage 600 V
DC Resistance 2.02 ohms per 1000 ft
Amp Rating 25A (Continuous)
Attenuation NA
Mechanical Specifications:
Weight/K ft 22.6 lbs per 1000 ft
Size (mm) 2.23 (Strand) : 2.89 (Finished Wire)
Min. Bend Radius NA
Environmental Performance:
Operating Temperature -55 to 150C
Stranding 19x25

Product Specifications

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 5 cm


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