Fuel Pump Power Bulkhead Terminal V2

Product Code: AI-PT-V2

AUD$ 195.00

The Aftermarket Industries billet Fuel Pump Power Bulkhead Terminal V2 is designed specifically for multiple high current draw devices such as aftermarket performance fuel pumps (Walbro 255, Walbro 460, Walbro 520/524 and Bosch BR540 etc), electric fans and motors.

Current Rating

  • Up to 85A per pin (requires correct gauge wire & stud lugs/eyes rated to the designed current).

The V2 Power Terminal also features a billet (6061-T6) weld-on fange (circlip & internal viton o-ring include); simply cut a hole (55mm).

Note: a single stud may be utilised as a common negative wire stud (with corresponding external wire secured to the chassis); in this scenario, please refer to the recommended wire

  • Common Negative Stud up to two (2x) fuel pumps
  • Common Negative Stud up to three (3x) fuel pumps

*Wiring Guide will be emailed with each order; It is STRONGLY advised that the guide is consulted prior to the purchase of any electrical components

Package Includes: Requires Assembly (estimated assembly time 10-15 minutes)

1. Power Terminal

2. 5x Power Studs (5x; includes stainless steel nuts, stainless steel spring washers, viton o-rings and plastic insulators)

3. Viton O-ring

4. Stainless circlip (requires circlip tool; not supplied)

Product Specifications

Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 cm


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