100A 6 Way Fuel Pump Power Distribution Block


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Part Number

  • 6 Way Fuel Pump Power Distribution Block with Fuse Holder

Fuse Holder

  • ATS/ATC blade fuse 


  • Lights RED if fuse is triggered or broken

Fuel Pump Compatibility

Fuel System Operating Pressure

  • Up to 80 PSI total fuel pressure


  • 12v-16v

Fuel Pump Current Draw

  • 25A maximum per pump up to 3 fuel pumps - please refer to fuel pump pressure & flow data 


  • 88mm x 37mm x 88mm

Operating Temperature

  • -40ºC (-40ºF) to 85ºC (185ºF)
Wire Size Recommendation
  • Fuel Pump Terminals M4 (+)(-)
    • 10 AWG (30A) per pump
  • Main Power Terminal M5 (+)(-) 
    • 1x pump 10 AWG (30A) 
    • 2-3x pumps 2 AWG to 6 AWG (50-100A)
  • Base (PBT), Terminals (Nickel Plated Copper), Studs Stainless Steel


How to Size a Fuse

Step 1

  • Determine the Peak Current (A or Amps) of the fuel pump and/or fuel pumps 

  • Example - Walbro 460 fuel Pump Peak Current @ 60 PSI = 15.23A (12v)


  • Continuous & Peak Current differ in forced induction applications (supercharged and turbocharged). In naturally aspirated vehicles Continuous & Peak are generally the same as voltage and fuel pressure are constant. However, in some naturally aspirated vehicles may have a Fuel System Control Module which increases voltage of the push in order to increase output which will result in high current draw. For this reason, please also determine the Peak Voltage of the fuel system and/or fuel pump which can range from 12v to 16v.

Step 2

  • Multiply the Peak Current by 125% (x1.25) and round to nearest Fuse Size; 15, 20, 25 or 30.
  • Example: 15.23A x 1.25 = 19.03A -rounded to 20A (see important notes below)
  • The size/gauge (AWG) of the wire must be greater than the maximum fuse amperage load; 15A fuse must not exceed 14 AWG, 20A must not exceed 12 AWG, 30A must not exceed 10 AWG

  • To find the correct wire size, multiply the Peak Current by 150% and round UP to the nearest wire gauge

  • The length of the wire must also be taken into consideration due to resistance and voltage drop factors - the longer the wire the higher the resistance.

  • Example: 15.23A x 1.50 = 22.84A - In this situation,the 22.84A must be should be rounded UP to 25A (12-10 AWG wire) or even 30A (10 AWG wire) where potential resistance and voltage drop is a material factor. 

Product Specifications

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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