Billet Motorsport Venturi Jet Vacuum Pump

Billet Motorsport Venturi Jet Vacuum Pump

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Billet Motorsport Venturi Jet Vacuum Pump Billet Motorsport Venturi Jet Vacuum Pump
  • Venturi Vacuum Jet Pump: The Aftermarket Industries billet V3 Venturi Vacuum Jet Pump was developed in-house using leading CFD modelling software and techniques (200 data points, 250 man hours and 90 hours of continuous simulation), the V3 Venturi Vacuum Jet Pump requires no wiring, draws no current yet is able to generate enough vacuum, using a fitting located on the lowest point of the surge tank, up to 3.6 litres per minute of fuel.
    • Specifications:
      • (Inlet) Male Thread: 8AN
      • (Vacuum) Venturi Inlet Thread: 4AN
      • (Outlet) Venturi Lower Female Thread: 6AN
        • Product Measurement: 52mm x 38mm x 22mm



V3 Venturi Vacuum Jet Pump Flow & Vacuum Chart
Main Flow (Lph) Vacuum (Lmp)
400 1.2
500 1.5
600 1.8
700 2.1
800 2.4
900 2.7
1000 3
1100 3.3
1200 3.6


*Lmp = Litres Per Minute​

*Main Flow = Fuel returning or entering the inlet of the V3 Venturi Vacuum Jet Pump

**Important Note: Please ensure vacuum end-point is located at the lowest position of the fuel tank & submerged in fuel at all times to ensure air is not vacuumed into the Venturi Vacuum Jet Pump; this can cause lean conditions to occur if the ratio of air-to-fuel exceeds safe levels.

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