Quick Connect Plastic EFI Adapter (1/2 to 8AN Hose)

Quick Connect Plastic EFI Adapter (1/2 to 8AN Hose)

Brand: Aftermarket Industries
Product Code: QCP-1/2-8AN-S
Availability: In Stock
Price: $11.00AUD
Ex Tax: $11.00AUD

Quick connect EFI fitting designed for our 1/2 Quick Connect Adapters and -8AN rubber fuel hose; Female 1/2 (11.8mm) is designed specifically for the Aftermarket Industries billet 8AN ORB to 1/2 Quick Connect EFI Fitting (not included):



Material: Nylon PA12

Burst Pressure: 350psi

Operating Vacuum: -7.2psi

Operating Temperatures: -40*c to 114*c

Fuel Compatibility: Unleaded, Ethanol, C16 and Diesel

Standards & Compliance: SAE10 & SAEJ2044-2009

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