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Formula Drift Japan Champion
Customer: Kawato San / Mad Mike Whiddett - Mazda Rx7 (Quad Rotor Twin Turbo 26B - 1000 Horsepower) 2017 Formula Drift Japan Champion ​Aftermarket Industries Products: FC1000 Surge Tank ​   AFTERMARKET INDUSTRIES MAZDA RX7 FD TRACK EDITION SURGE TANK / FUEL SYSTEM (FC1000-FD7S) SPECIFICATIONS & FEATURES​ OEM Fitment Extensive engineering & R&D has resulted in a perfect 1:1 fitment with the OEM fuel tank and its internal components. Plug & Play Connector ​The FC1000-FD7..
V8 Twin Supercharged Toyota 86
Customer: Brad Touhy - Toyota 86 (Twin Supercharged LS2 - 700 Horsepower) 2014 Stadium King of Drift Championship 2016 Hi-Tech Drift All-Stars Championship Aftermarket Industries Products: FC1200 Fuel Pump Hanger ..
1000 Horsepower RB26 BMW M3
Customer: Jakes Jones (Driftsquid) - BMW M3 (RB26 - 1000 Horsepower) Aftermarket Industries Products: SPR1200 Surge Tank​   ..
Carbon Fibre Pikes Peak 240z
Customer: Shawn Bassett - Nissan Datsun 240z (LS3 - 500 Horsepower) Aftermarket Industries Products: FC1200 Fuel Pump Hanger ​ ​ ​ ..
900 Horsepower S15
Customer: Charles Warland (Dream S15) - Nissan Silva S15  (SR20 2.2l - 900 Horsepower) 3rd - Open Class - World Time Attach 2019 (Sydney, Australia) Aftermarket Industries Products: F1-1200-30 Competition 12 Chamber Fuel Tank SPR1200 Surge Tank ​ ..
1200 Horsepower R34 GTR
Customer: Matthew Longhurst (Integrated Motorsport) - Nissan R34 GTR (RB28 - 1200 Horsepower) 2nd - Open Class - World Time Attach 2019 Aftermarket Industries Products: F1-1200-50 12 Chamber Fuel Tank ​ ..
950 Horsepower R32 GTR
Customer: Michelle Guyer (Xtreme GTR) - Nissan R32 GTR (RB28 - 950 Horsepower) Winner - Open Class - World Time Attach 2019 (Sydney, Australia) Aftermarket Industries Products: F1-1200-50 Fuel Cell SPR1200 Surge Tank​ ​​ ..
1200 Horsepower Quad Rotor MX5
Customer: MadMike Whiddet - Redbul Mazda MX5 (26B Quad Rotor Twin Turbo - 1200 Horsepower) Most powerful ever rotary professional drift car Top 10 - Formula Drift USA Aftermarket Industries Products: SPR1200 Surge Tank V   ..
1100 Horsepower Ford Surge Tank

The Aftermarket Industries Ford XR6 (FG) Turbo fuel system upgrade eliminates the need for an external surge tank for street & track driven applications up to 800hp.

Fuel System Basics
Article by Julian Austin 1. BE REALISTIC ABOUT YOUR TARGETS AND BUDGET ACCORDINGLY If you want to build a fire-breathing dragon then be prepared to fill your castle with gold. If you’ve spent thousands building your motor with the best parts money can buy then protect your investment wisely and continue to apply the same logic and approach when you decide to upgrade your fuel system. The fuel system is one of the MOST CRITICAL aspects of any build. A poor decision here could cost not only a motor but increase stress and reduce the time you spend enjoying the open road. For this reason, the ..
New Product: FC1200
The Aftermarket Industries billet twin & triple fuel pump hanger FC1200 ("Fuel System:1200")  (Design Number: 364527) is designed to be installed into a custom surge tank or popular ATL and FUEL SAFE FIA FT3 (10x6) fuel tank / cell applications developing between 700bhp-2000bhp depending on combined maxiumum fuel pressure, fuel type, engine type and BSFC*.  Although the FC1200, is specially designed for 2x or 3x Walbro 400 series of in tank fuel pumps it can also be used with virtually all known in-tank turbine style fuel..
1600 Horsepower: 7 Seconds
The 1600hp+ MPW NOSHOW HSV VT Clubsport has become the quickest street registered and driven LS powered car in Victoria with a blistering 7.80 pass @ 178mph. Whats even more impressive is that the VT was driven both to and from the track: an estimated 1500km round trip.  ..
Strong finish: Formula Drift Final
Mad Mike Whiddett has wrapped up his Formula Drift Pro Championship placing fifth after competing at Formula Drift’s Final Fight at Irwindale Speedway. Headed into Irwindale Speedway, the Kiwi driver was geared up for a solid end-of-year result. Having campaigned both his MADBUL Mazda RX-7 and BADBUL Mazda RX-8 at Southern California’s ‘House of Drift’ in the past, Whiddett knew what to expect from Irwindale’s unforgiving high-speed banks, but dialing in RADBUL for the revised course layout would still be a huge challenge for the team. Over the course of five select Stateside rounds this..
S Chassis Record - Time Attack
The MotiveDVD JET200 project Nissan 200sx has today set a new Open-Class track record with a 1.33.798s lap at the 2015 World Time Attack Challenge held at the Sydney Motorsport Complex. After a successful outing last year, Andrew and the team wanted to improve their previous best of a 1.35s. They decided to increase power and also upgrade the transmission, suspension and the fuel system. The fuel system now consists of our F1-1200-50 all in one fuel tank & surge tank solution. The Aftermarket Industries F1-1200 series fuel tank is the worlds first commercially availa..
Fuel System for Drag Racing
Story by: The Aftermarket Industries FS400 & FS1200 single, twin and triple billet fuel pump hangers are superior in design, engineering and construction to anything else available on the market. But don't take their word for it. Aftermarket Industries products are used exclusively by many of the world's leading workshops and motorsport teams such as drag racing veteran Joe Signorelli of GAS Motorsports and MadMike Motorsport with their 1300hp twin turbo "Radbul" drift car project which is equipped with the FS1200 fuel pump hanger. In the high performance world o..
Horsepower Champion
Customer: Billtech Automotive - Nissan R33 GTST (RB25 - 1018 Horsepower) 2015 Meguiar's MotorEx Dyno Champion (Sydney, Australia) Aftermarket Industries Products: SPR1200 Surge Tank         ..