Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package

Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package

Brand: Aftermarket Industries
Product Code: FS1000-VF-700
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* Vehicle Body Type:

* VE Specification:

* Fuel Pump:

* Fuel Type:

* Bosch Injector Upgrade:

Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package Holden VF 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package

Aftermarket Industries Holden VF 700HP Fuel System Package; OWN this from as little as $48 a week! ASK US HOW - COMPLETE THE COTACT FORM

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Package Includes the following

  • Aftermarket Industries FS1000 V2 Update Surge Tank (direct replacement of OEM module 0 FS1000 V2 requires assembly)
  • 1x Walbro fuel pump (select the correct fuel pump & fuel type (see AVAILABLE OPTIONS above) - refer to Horsepower Support Table below)
  • Turbosmart FPR1200 Fuel Pressure Regulator (mounted at the rear; non-return setup - includes stainless steel 4m teflon vacuum hose & adapter)
  • Earls Super-Stock 3/8 250 PSI High Pressure Fuel Hose (10m - compatible with ALL fuel types - hose supplied in 10m roll, required cut and installation)
  • Mil-Spec DIY Wiring Kit - See details below
  • Aftermarket Industries Billet Quick Connect Fitting & EFI OEM-Grade Plastic Quick Connect Adapters (rated to 10 bar / 143 PSI)

Holden VE 700 Horsepower Fuel System Package

​Package Details & Commonly Asked Questions

1. Do I Need to Upgrade The OEM Fuel Lines, Fuel Pressure Regulator or Fuel Rail ?

a) Fuel Lines: 

  • Non-Return System (Recommended for Supercharged Applications) 
    • Factory Supply Fuel Line: No - Does not require replacement; the package includes Quick Connector Adapters which integrated directly with the components supplied with the package, this includes the OEM hard fuel line at the rear of the vehicle.
    • Installation Notes:
      • Simply cut the rubber hose provided into correct lengths & install the Plastic Quick Connect Adapters (it is your responsibility to ensure hoses, adapters and fittings are correctly installed)

b) Fuel Rail:

  • Non-Return System: No - Testing has revealed that the factory fuel lines and fuel rail is more than sufficient to support the fuel volume without excessive pressurisation.

c) Fuel Pressure Regulator: Yes -The OEM fuel regulator is located with the OEM fuel pump module; this is replaced by the Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator (provided with this package)

  • Installation Notes:
    • Install the FPR1200 Regulator in safe location are the rear of the undercarriage where it will not be subjected to debris or potential impact.
    • The package includes a stainless steel braided vacuum hose & 1/8NPT adapter to minimum vacuum leak

FS1000-V2 Fuel Surge Tank Power Support Guidelines

Fuel Pump

Power HP (Ethanol)

Power HP (Unleaded)

Base Fuel Pressure* (PSI)

Peak Fuel Pressure**




1x Walbro 460




65 14.5v

1x Walbro 520




65 14.5v


(Recommended Fuel Injector: Bosch Motorsport 1650cc)

**Maximum Combined Fuel Pressure (Base Fuel Pressure + Boost Pressure)

***Maximum Voltage


  • VE Specification: Please select the CORRECT VE Model Specification above - see "VE Specification"
    • ​2006-2009 Notes:
      • Fuel Level Sender: The OEM fuel level sender is NOT compatible - One of the following OEM fuel level senders MUST be purchased (NOT PROVIDED WITH THIS KIT): VE 2010+, Camaro ZL1 or VF fuel NOT included with the FS1000-V2 surge tank
      • Venturi Cross-Over Hose: The OEM venturi cross-over hose is NOT compatible - Aftermarket Industries will provide a direct replace FREE of charge
  • Aftermarket tune is necessary to ensure correct AFR's and optimal performance
  • OEM FSCM may trigger errors or read lean at WOT due to higher values than OEM settings - please consult with an experienced tuner or ECU manufacturer

WIRING (Power Distribution Kit - DIY):

Aftermarket Industries now offers a motorsport-grade Power Distribution Kit  (kit requires assembly, cut & crimp & installation by a registered automotive electrician)

  • Package Includes
    • 5m of 22759/34 10 AWG 30A Mil-Spec Wire (fuel pump power & fuel pump ground)
    • 7m of 22759/16 16 AWG 15A Mil-Spec Wire (relay signal & ground)
    • 1x 50A Narva Relay
    • 1x 25 A Bussmann Auto-Reset Circuit Break
    • 1x set of high-current wire lugs

​Upgrade to the Bosch Motorsport 1650cc injectors for ONLY $1485 (flex-85 compatible)

  • Includes 8x (unmodified) GENUINE Bosch Motorsport 1650cc Injectors (Aftermarket Industries in an AUTHORISED DEALER BOSCH MOTORSPORT DEALER)

Bosch 1650cc


Is all this too overwhelming? Don't worry, you're not alone!


Fuel System Advice (FREE)

*These products must be correctly fitted by "Certified Installer" workshops and partners. Aftermarket Industries is not liable for personal injury, death or for any damaged whatsoever arising from any accident or incident where these conditions are not satisfied.

*It is your responsibility to ensure that the Product is sufficient and suitable for your purposes and meet your individual requirements. We do not warrant that the Products will meet your individual requirements. You acknowledge that the Products are standard and not made bespoke to fit any particular requirements that you may have.

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