Single Fuel Pump Power Distribution Module w/ Fuse

Single Fuel Pump Power Distribution Module w/ Fuse

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16 AWG Relay Signal & Ground Wire:

10 AWG Fuel Pump Power & GroundWire:

8 AWG PDM Power Wire:

Single Fuel Pump Power Distribution Module w/ Fuse

These power distribution modules are designed for single high current fuel pump applications suitable for placement in extreme moisture and high vibration environments. A silicone seal and removable included fuse cover offer a weather-tight enclosure for the fuse positions; feature rugged M8 Both modules power input studs. (Image below is for reference purposes only)

Advantages of Steady State Relays (SSR):

  • Faster response
  • Longevity & durability (no moving parts)
  • High-speed switching


Rating (PFM): Each inline fuse; 30A.

Relay Rating (PRM): 70A 12VDC ready-state relay.

Relay protection fuse; up to 30A.

Non-switched inline fuse; up to 30A.

Temperature Rating: -40 °C to +85 °C. Body: UL-Rated 94V-0 thermoplastic with Silicone seal.

Terminals: Tin-plated copper terminals.

Studs: Plated steel. Includes nuts.

Input Termination: M8 threaded stud.

Output Termination: Two M6 threaded studs.

Relay Signal Connector : Si C Kit 50126K as above, for use with PRM.

Ingress Protection Rating: IP66 (excluding stud connections).

Mounting: Counter Rotation Feature (CRF) to prevent R F included the module; rotation on single bolt installations 

Bussing: Stud insulator caps included with busbars.

Accessories: Relay signal connector, bus bars, and separators fuses. 

Wiring Recommendation: Required For WARRANTY

Fuel Pump Qty Main Power Wire Main Power Wire Circuit Breaker

Fuel Pump Power Wire

Relay Wire Size

Relay Size Fuel Pump Fuse
Single Pump 8 AWG Tefzel Mil-Spec 22759/16 30A 10 AWG Tefzel Mil-Spec 22759/16 16 AWG Tefzel Mil-Spec 22759/16



30A Fuse


Package Includes

  • 1x Power Distribution Unit with integrated 70A ready-state relay
  • 1x PRM Relay Signal Connector Kit with pins (designed for 16 AWG Mil-Spec 22759/16 wire)
  • 1x Fuse 30A
  • 1x PDU cover
  • 1x Superseal 2 way electrical connector & pins (relay signal & ground)
  • 1x M8 to 8 AWG high current terminal (88A)
  • 1x M6 to 10 AWG high current terminal (88A)

​Additional Notes:

  • Do not touch the SSR relay module while the power is supplied or immediately after the power supply has been turned OFF.
  • Touching the SSR or heat sink while it is hot may result in burns. Do not touch the LOAD terminals on the SSR immediately after the power supply has been turned OFF.

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