150mm Flexible e85 Corrugated Fuel Hose (10mm ID)

150mm Flexible e85 Corrugated Fuel Hose (10mm ID)

Product Code: AI-10/150mm
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The Aftermarket Industries Flexible e85 Corrugated Sumersible Fuel Hose is the perfect solution for those that intend to upgrade their OEM fuel pump to aftermarket performance fuel pumps; hose clamp is required to be fitted to both ends (includes 2x piece stainless steel earl clamp hose kit).

Application Universal
Brand Aftermarket Industries
Common Use Fuel Line (e85 compatible)
Internal Diameter 10mm
Length 150mm

Product Type

Corrugated Fuel Hose (P12 Nylon - 25 bar / 362 psi burst strength)
Part Number AI-10/150mm

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