Ford XR6 FG Turbo Fuel System (Ute)

Ford XR6 FG Turbo Fuel System (Ute)

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After hundreds of hours of design, engineering & real-world testing, we are proud to announce that we've made material improvements to our best-selling FS800-F drop-in fuel system upgrade for the Ford XR6 Turbo (FG) which now offers surge protection right down to 5% fuel tank capacity and eliminates the requirement or need for an external surge tank for street & track driven applications - see 'Performance' below.

Cost Savings:

We've determined that the FS800-FVU offers estimated savings of between $2,500-$3,500; the costs associated with installation of a surge tank (fuel lines, fuel fittings and labour).

What's New? (Ute model design will vary from images shown)

  • Bulkhead Design: We've eliminated the need for 90 degree external fuel hose adaptor fittings and simply incorporated a 90 degree thread profile for the Supply & Return ports directly into the bulkhead

  • Larger Floater Valves: The FS800-FV now features 100% larger fuel floater valves over the FS800-F & OEM valve (FS800-FV has 3 valves versus the 1 valve included in the OEM design) which significantly reduces to time required to re-fill the bucket by 300%.

  • Venturi Pump: The FS800-FV also includes a Venturi Pump. The Venturi Pump was developed using leading CFD modelling software and techniques (200 data points and 90 hours of continuous simulations) and the result is a Venturi Pump which is able to generate enough vacuum to pull through more than 200lhr of fuel into the bucket which will ensure that the fuel pumps are submerged at all times so there is no possibility of fuel starvation or fuel surge (the OEM fuel pump module does not feature a Venturi Pump).

  • Fuel Module Handle (FMH): One of the more striking features is the all new FMH (Design Protected), the first of its kind, which now makes it easy to install or remove the FS800-FV for maintenance purposes.

Plug & Play?

While the drop-in module isn't "Plug & Play" per se, the installation can be completed in a mater of hours as ALL of the components and supporting hardware (fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure regulator adaptor) can be purchased with the kit.

Do I Need to Upgrade The Fuel Lines, Fuel Pressure Regulator or Fuel Rail ?

a) Fuel Lines & Fuel Rail: No - Testing has revealed that the factory fuel lines and fuel rail is more than sufficient to support the fuel volume without excessive pressurisation.

b) Fuel Pressure Regulator: Yes -The OEM fuel regulator is far too small must be upgraded and the good news is that we've developed a simple adaptor which installs to the factory location and delivers fuel to a Turbosmart FPR2000 regulator using a specially developed swivel union fitting; the Turbosmart FPR2000 outlet then connects to the factory fuel line via another adaptor. See AVAILABLE OPTIONS above- "Fuel Pressure Regulator" & "Fuel Rail Adaptor Kit"

FS800-FVU Special Features

  • Quiet Operation
    • Specially moulded Viton fuel pump noise dampener inserts significantly reduce fuel pump vibration to ensure you have a peaceful in-cabin experience
  • Single Fuel Pump Port
    • Perfect fuel pressure control (staged fuel pump operation) & fuel pressure stability due to our design protected 2-to-1 internal fuel pump manifold.
  • 100% Ethanol Compatible
    • Zero fuel vapour loss and Zero smell GUARANTEED due to anodising process and materials used
  • Quality & Engineering
    • Precision machined from aerospace grade 6061-T6 billet aluminium & a OEM-spec Polyoxymethylene (POM) lightweight fuel bucket is designed using best practice engineering principles and stress tested to ensure safety for all motorsport applications.
    • Floater valves designs to trap fuel in the fuel bucket
    • Venturi (pump) tube engineered specifically for the Ford XR6 Turbo FG
  • Performance
  • Twin Walbro 460 Fuel Pumps:
    • Unleaded Fuel: 1000hp atw @ 85psi fuel pressure
    • Ethanol Fuel (e85): 800hp atw @ 85psi fuel pressure
  • Twin Walbro 520 Fuel Pumps:
    • ​Unleaded Fuel: 1250hp atw @ 90psi fuel pressure (13.5v-14v)
    • Ethanol Fuel (e85): 1000hp atw @ 90psi fuel pressure (13.5-14v)


  • OEM Wideband Sensor should be installed
  • Aftermarket tune is necessary to ensure correct AFR's and optimal performance
  • Wiring harness NOT provided and must be wired by professional & certified automotive electrician

Package includes the following items:

  • FS800-FVU bulkhead (machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 billet aluminium))
  • Billet (6061-T6) twin (2) fuel pump bracket (includes stainless steel fasterners and Viton rubber insert/s)
  • Two (2) billet (6061-T6) 3/8 push-lock fuel pump adaptor fittings 
  • Billet (6061-T6) fuel pump manifold
  • Billet (6061-T6) Venturi inlet adaptor
  • Billet (6061-T6) Venturi (pump) tube
  • ​Two (2) litre fuel bucket (machined from OEM grade black Polyoxymethylene "POM" plastic)
  • Bucket (POM) bottom plate with three (3) injection moulded (POM) floater valves
  • Viton rubber o-rings included
  • E85 compatible fuel pump/bulkhead hose

​Note: Fuel Rail Adaptor Kit, Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Pumps ARE NOT INCLUDED in this package.

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