New Product: FC1200

The Aftermarket Industries billet twin & triple fuel pump hanger FC1200 (“Fuel System:1200“)  (Design Number: 364527) is designed to be installed into a custom surge tank or popular ATL and FUEL SAFE FIA FT3 (10×6) fuel tank / cell applications developing between 700bhp-2000bhp depending on combined maxiumum fuel pressure, fuel type, engine type and BSFC*.

Although the FC1200, is specially designed for 2x or 3x Walbro 400 series of in tank fuel pumps it can also be used with virtually all known in-tank turbine style fuel pumps such as the Walbro 255, Aermotive 340 and Deatschwerks fuel pumps. The kit also includes a billet aluminium weld-on ring which can be TIG welded to any alumium fuel cell or surge tank; simply cut a hole according to the template provided, measure the depth of the tank and adjust the height of the pump accoridngly (suitable for tanks 195mm-250mm in depth/height). 

The red aluminium baffle plate, a world first in this category, allows custom tank fabricators to design an internal surge tank or swirl pot to ensure the fuel is always made available to the fuel pumps in all times. For those that have plans to install this into their ATL or Fuel Safe FIA-FT3 fuel cell can simply re-position the internal foam blocks thereby creating a surge-tank-like internal cavity.

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